Individualism Provides American Exceptionalism

America was founded on the principle of individualism. The ability for all men and women has been the driving force behind American exceptionalism Continue Reading →

Never Satisfied

Our rights and liberties are under continual attack. Our rights to bear arms is a favorite target and is even demonstrated in the Human Rights Campaign. An organization that supports the LBGTQ community – which supposedly has nothing to do with gun control. Continue Reading →

We the People -A Fundamental Question Never Asked

Most of us never think about who “We the People” are. Did our Founders intent it to mean the majority of people? Maybe they meant the people in the states. I believe the Founders intended it to mean each individual. This understanding can fundamentally change your outlook on the Constitution. Continue Reading →

A House Divided – Are We Heading for Another Civil War?

Have We Lost Our Way? In the wake of the tragic shootings in Dallas, TX the other night, one has to ponder what kind of society we live in today?  Are we a still a virtuous and civil society?  Do we want to stand united with one another or do we want Continue Reading →

A Journey of the American Founding Document … The Constitution

A Constitution Blog – Why? I have always had a love of our United States of America.  However, during my younger years the Constitution was the furthest thing from my mind.  I was busy with school, sports, and social life.  During school I was taught (at least cursory) about the constitution; Continue Reading →